If you are involved in the exciting new medical marijuana industry, you likely keep up with the national news as well as the decisions from the Ohio government regarding your market. Understanding cannabis and the various products scientists and researchers derive from it can be valuable when assisting patients who come to you for information.

What you may be dealing with more often is confusion and misinformation about cannabidiol. CBD is quickly gaining a reputation for being a miraculous alternative to traditional medicine. While Ohio’s stance on cannabis products is changing rapidly, at this moment, marijuana and CBD are the same in the eyes of state laws.

Customers may have unreasonable expectations

In theory, the more CBD a product contains, the less tetrahydrocannabinol it has, which is the intoxicating ingredient in marijuana. CBD, therefore, may have a calming effect without the psychosis, anxiety or high some experience with marijuana. However, researchers know relatively little about how CBD works or what medical benefits it has.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems you will face when dealing with customers seeking CBD is the preponderance of exaggerated claims for what the oil can do. These myths are often perpetuated by those who are selling the products outside the scope of the law, for example online. When your customers are suffering from chronic pain, inflammatory diseases or other conditions that make life miserable, it may be difficult to bring their expectations to a reasonable level.

How pure is your CBD?

You may hear from your customers and others that CBD has managed symptoms of a wide variety of conditions, from acne to addiction, and it is true that many have found relief after years of suffering. Unfortunately, some studies on the effectiveness of CBD for certain ailments contradict the results of others. Because of this, it is not easy to know the proper form or dosage to recommend.

Those who look for CBD can find it in drops, vapors, creams and ingestibles, but if they do not purchase it from a reputable source, they may have no idea exactly how much – if any – CBD is in the product. Most products your customers may find online receive no regulation, and some may cause serious side effects. On the other hand, those who come to your dispensary and others may have more confidence in the product because your business has strict regulations for testing and purity of products.