If you are one of the fortunate few authorized to distribute medical marijuana in Ohio, you understand the complex process of obtaining a license. The young and developing industry falls under heavy state regulation. A limited number of licenses are available, few applicants receive approval and all of licenses are expensive to obtain. In fact, Ohio is one of the toughest states in which to open a dispensary.

With this in mind, once you have your license to operate a medical marijuana dispensary, it should be one of your most critical priorities to protect and maintain your license. This means complying with state regulations for yourself, your employees and your store.


Because of the delicate nature of the product you sell, Ohio law requires you to maintain the most secure environment possible, both to protect your product and to keep your customers safe. Technically, the federal government still considers marijuana an illegal substance, so you want to do everything you can to submit to the rules and restrictions to avoid dealing with federal law enforcement and to build the trust of state regulators.

Some of the security measures you can expect to enact in your dispensary include the following:

  • Keeping products locked in cabinets until completing a sale
  • Submitting each sale to the state tracking system within five minutes
  • Reporting any errors immediately
  • Installing and maintaining security cameras to cover the entire facility
  • Inspecting each delivery in a secure area

Your dispensary isn’t the only part of the industry that operates under careful security regulations. Your suppliers, those who grow and process the marijuana, must follow laws for growing, testing and protecting the process.


Since you are handling a substance that sick people use to find relief for their medical conditions, you must also abide by rules for marketing your product. Recreational marijuana is illegal in this state and at the federal level, and you must avoid any hint that your customers can use your product for such purposes. This includes avoiding certain words to describe your product, such as “weed,” and refraining from offering any medical advice to your customers.

You have invested considerable money, time and effort into building a legitimate, licensed dispensary to provide medical marijuana to those who may find no relief from conventional drugs. Keeping your business running depends on your ability to maintain your license through strict observance of state regulations. You may find it helpful to have the advice and guidance of a skilled attorney at hand if you have questions or concerns about the laws related to your medical marijuana dispensary.