Many thought that the legalization of medical marijuana would bring about a change in the state, as people with the approved conditions could now legally obtain products that could improve the quality of their life. The industry was expected to blossom and large profits were forecast. Unfortunately, this has yet to happen as high prices have prevented many from purchasing medical marijuana legally and only a fraction of dispensaries have been granted operating licenses.

Another issue began plaguing the medical marijuana industry lately: People have begun claiming cultivators are not following sanitary procedures. Patients have claimed they have found a seed in the flower material, demonstrating the product is low quality. Additionally, there is dispute over the pesticides being used. While neem oil has been approved by the FDA as a safe pesticide, patients are afraid it will be toxic when consumed. Even though it is not clear if the pesticide is actually being used in the state, patients claim they have the right to know what is going in the product they are ingesting.

One way to know the ingredients of the medical marijuana being consumed is to cultivate it oneself, which is one of the proposals floating in the state’s general assembly. According to reports, two proposals have been submitted, including provisions for home growth and decriminalization and legalization. According to advocates, allowing home growth would be one way to solve the problem facing the industry right now.

The future of the proposals is unclear, but what is clear is that the regulations and laws surrounding medical marijuana, product manufacturing and development are often complicated. It might benefit businesses to consult an experienced attorney to ensure one is adhering to applicable laws.