Running a business is difficult enough in today’s economic climate, but add to it an ever-changing landscape and it can become even more complicated. The marijuana business is heavily regulated with complex rules that are constantly evolving. Add to that the fact that rules differ from state to state and there is a completely different code of federal laws applicable as well. All this can be complicated for someone trying to run a business in the industry, in an attempt to help ailing individuals get relief from the symptoms from which they suffer.

Despite all the complications in the industry, missteps and mistakes are often heavily penalized. This means that any one misstep can mean an operating license is denied. Even when it has been granted, heavy competition in the state means that maintaining the license is crucial to keeping it. As mentioned previously on this blog, Ohio companies have been found violating state dispensary laws for behaviors such as hiring someone without notifying the necessary agencies.

Many do not realize that expanding the business may result in actually losing the license that one needs to operate. Expanding to new locations, hiring new staff and implementing new procedures can create issues if not pursued in the correct manner.

With two decades of experience in administrative law, the founding partner of the Patton Law Firm is one of the handful of attorneys who is board certified in the field in the state. As a result, he is familiar with all the relevant agencies and how they operate. He uses his experience to his client’s advantage, whether it is applying for a new license, maintaining one, or appealing a denied license. For more, visit our page.