The first medical marijuana dispensary in Ohio opened in January and seven months in, cardholders are not satisfied with the way the program is operating. According to an online survey that 640 patients responded to, almost 50% stated they were very dissatisfied with the program and only around 4% said they were very satisfied. However, given that there are 52,000 medical marijuana cardholders in the state, it can only be considered an important snapshot of the situation, not a complete picture.

There is no doubt that medical marijuana prices in the state continue to remain high. Given that only a fraction of the proposed dispensaries have opened so far, prices haven’t fallen to a competitive one yet. Additionally, companies are still trying to recoup their setting up costs, which is prices remain high. However, customers who were previously paying less than nine dollars on the street illegally are now facing prices of more than 18 dollars-a hundred percent premium. The high costs are also preventing patients from mixing up strains and products to see what works for them. Some are worried that the prices will discourage the very people the program was intended to work for-those who could easily access the drug illegally.

Another problem patients complained of was the inconvenience of buying it. Many claimed that the dispensary was the distance of the nearest dispensary, a problem faced since only 19 of the 56 proposed ones were open at the time the survey took place. Though now there are 30 open, patients still claim it is difficult to get to one nearby. Compared to the illicit online drug market, where drugs are available all the time and dealers make themselves easily available, the difficulty in getting to a dispensary is a true obstacle to obtaining medical marijuana.

Given the demand, there is a need for new medical marijuana dispensaries in the state, but businesses should not rush the process. They need to make sure that they are fulfilling the relevant requirements and completing all the requisite paperwork. What may seem overwhelming for businessmen is likely to be familiar to experienced professionals, which is why consulting them might provide helpful guidance.