Opening and operating a business is a difficult endeavor and not for the faint of heart. Businessmen or women have to contend with a lot of paperwork in the process of putting up their business and ensuring that the best people are hired as employees. In the medical marijuana industry, however, this process is even more complicated as there are a number of administrative agencies and policies to comply with, from everything to entity creation to employee hiring. Even hiring or firing someone can become a cause to lose one’s license, if people are not careful.

The state and administrative agencies in Ohio that should be complied with are the Ohio Department of Commerce, the Pharmacy Board and the Medical Board. Businesses not only have to meet the requirements they set forth, but also keep up with them. Unfortunately, given the way policies change in the industry, this can become a complicated task.

Cultivators, processors, testing labs and dispensaries each need licenses to operate in the state. If licenses do not comply with the relevant laws, all the effort and sweat individuals have put into their business can become wasted. Understanding the importance of being successful, I use my 20 years of experience to work with state administrative agencies to help my clients.

When the law is complicated, it can help to have someone knowledgeable and experienced by your side. I am one of the few OSBA certified specialists in the state and help clients with any and all matters related to the medical marijuana industry. For more on how we operate, visit our website.