Given its newness, the medical marijuana industry in Ohio is being heavily regulated, and lawmakers are keeping a close eye on those who have been given licenses and certificates to conduct business in this field. This means that they are quick to act on violations, which could mean stalled business and the revocation of licenses. Therefore, those who work in the medical marijuana field in Ohio need to make sure they are in full compliance with the law.

Take, for example, what dispensaries are able to do within the bounds of their licenses. In fact, the law is written in a way that carves out exceptions to a general ban on transporting, selling and delivering marijuana. However, those carve outs are somewhat extensive. For example, a dispensary can acquire marijuana from a licensed cultivator or processor. However, a dispensary can only sell that marijuana to patients and caregivers.

There are other limitations imposed on medical marijuana dispensaries and their employees. Workers at these businesses cannot distribute free samples of medical marijuana, and the marijuana must be sold in its original sealed package as obtained from the cultivator or processor. There are multiple labeling regulations, too. Amongst these labeling requirements are a statement that indicated that the product can cause impairment, as well as that it is illegal to transfer medical marijuana across state lines. There are even laws mandating the type of bag the medical marijuana must be placed in before a customer leaves the dispensary, as well as who is allowed to enter a dispensary in the first place.

The laws and regulations can be burdensome to business owners. After all, merely becoming familiar with them can take an extensive amount of time and resources. Those who are unfamiliar with the law can also find themselves running astray, which could put them at significant risk. This is why it is often best to team up with professionals who can provide the guidance needed to ensure compliance with all laws, rules and regulations, thereby setting a medical marijuana business on a path to success.