Only a few years after legalization, medical marijuana is providing health benefits to many across Ohio who formerly had to travel to neighboring states to find relief from chronic pain as well as symptoms of such approved conditions as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and others. If you have experience in agriculture, you may be considering whether you could play a role in the burgeoning medical marijuana industry.

However, experience is not enough. Each phase of a medical marijuana business is carefully regulated by state standards, and the risk of serious consequences for noncompliance is great. It is important that you learn as much as possible not only about growing marijuana but also about the laws and the business surrounding the industry.

Industry challenges

Living in Ohio gives you access to one of the few cannabis education schools in the country. Here, students can choose to study horticulture as well as the medical and business aspects of the medical marijuana industry. The federal Farm Bill of 2018 now allows you to grow cannabis with certain restrictions. Despite these advantages, when cultivating marijuana for dispensaries, you may experience some of the common issues other growers have faced as Ohio’s new industry finds its way, including:

  • Finding a source you can depend on for quality seeds
  • Developing ways to test your product so it does not exceed the legal limit of THC
  • Dealing with the still uncertain market across the state
  • Waiting for Ohio authorities to finalize a plan for hemp production
  • Finding adequate processors

Nevertheless, you may see the potential that exists here for success in any area of the medical marijuana business. In addition to its massive agricultural industry, Ohio is home to important medical research facilities. This may boost further study on the advantages of cannabis and its products. Suffering people across the nation may benefit from these kinds of studies.

Licensing issues

While it may be easy to tout the benefits of medical marijuana and the potential for those with education and skills who are interested in getting in on the ground floor of this industry, there are still strict regulations to follow. No matter which aspect of the cannabis industry you expect to join, you will have to understand and comply with state and federal laws that can be complex and unforgiving.

Ohio offers a limited number of licenses for marijuana cultivators, and those licenses are not easy to obtain. To reduce your chances of making a mistake that could hinder you from reaching your goals, you may wish to work with an attorney who is knowledgeable of those laws and rules.