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Renewing a real estate license in Ohio

Working in the real estate industry in the state of Ohio is fun, exciting, rewarding and challenging all rolled into one. You never know when your next sale will come or if you will run into problems selling a property. Issues can arise without warning when trying to sell a property. Issues can also arise regarding your license to sell property. That's why you should always make sure it doesn't expire. Here's how you can renew the license in Ohio.

Patent transfer deals suffer defeat by administrative court

A case involving the University of Minnesota was reviewed by a United States administrative court earlier in December. The case, which involved the court's right to review the validity of patents, shot down the argument by the school that its sovereign status granted it immunity from such an idea.

Port Clinton settles harassment suit filed by former worker

The City of Port Clinton has settled a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former city employee. The lawsuit was filed against the city's former mayor. The amount reached in the settlement was not disclosed in the announcement. The lawsuit was dismissed on Nov. 13 when paperwork was filed in the Common Pleas Court of Ottawa County.

How to protect your teaching license

Working as a teacher is one of the most thankless and stressful jobs out there today. You are responsible for not only teaching the youth of Ohio, but also responsible for keeping them safe while in your care. Here are some important tips for protecting your teaching license in Cleveland.

How can an attorney help me defend my professional practice?

Running a professional practice, no matter the industry, takes a lot of focus and commitment. You need to have a license in that profession in order to operate a practice legally. You must also ensure that the license is kept in good standing. Issues can arise with your professional practice without warning. Here's how an attorney can help you defend the practice.

Taking a look at administrative litigation in Ohio

Administrative litigation in Ohio is much different from civil litigation, which typically involves torts or business litigation. It's important to understand what administrative litigation is and how it works in the state in the event that you are facing such an issue.

ALJ to decide when burdensome document production is required

Tuesday, April 4, was Equal Pay Day this year -- the date at which the average American woman finally earns the amount her male peer earned by Dec. 31 of the previous year. This year, Google made a gutsy announcement:

Professional licensure limitations persist for ex-offenders

Did you know that many people who have been convicted of criminal offenses can have difficulty obtaining professional licenses? If you have been convicted of a crime, you may face administrative litigation that makes it hard for you to proceed with your career. Estimates show that nearly 70 million Americans have criminal records that make it difficult for them to pursue professional licensure. Now, experts are advocating for some of those rules to be relaxed so convicts can return to work after serving their time.

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