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Addiction can result in administrative hearings for doctors, PAs

When you practice medicine, either as a doctor or a physician's assistant (PA), the state of Ohio authorizes the State Medical Board of Ohio to handle all issues regarding your licensing and discipline. This board does more than only issue licensing requirements for the state. They also handle complaints from the public and respond to issues that could compromise a professional's ability to do one's job.

Should you appeal an unfavorable court decision?

No matter what kind of legal disputes you find yourself navigating, sometimes a court hands down a decision that fails to address your needs or rights. Depending on the nature of the initial decision and the methods the court used to reach it, you may have to absorb the harm and move on, or you may find grounds to appeal the decision to a higher court. It is important to understand that, while appealing decisions is relatively common, it is significantly different from dealing with initial litigation.

How do I choose an appeals attorney?

As you prepare to file an appeal, either civil or criminal, it's best that you have an experienced appeals attorney by your side. This is not a legal situation that you should handle on your own. It is too much of a serious situation, especially when filing a criminal appeal. Your freedom is at stake in these cases. So, how do you choose an appeals attorney?

The grounds for criminal appeals in Ohio

Being charged with a crime does not have to mean the end of the road for you in Ohio. Aside from various defenses you can use to fight the charges, or have them reduced, you are always open to appealing the ruling issued by the first court to hear your case. Here are the grounds for criminal appeals in Ohio.

Former state politician seeks haven through appeals court

A former state representative is in danger of losing his professional auctioneer license because of a criminal proceeding. Rep. Steve Kraus is going through the appeals process for alleged theft. He claims that the prosecution was politically motivated and calculated to keep him out of a political seat. The outcome of the criminal case could determine whether Kraus can continue as an auctioneer and realtor -- people with felony convictions cannot hold this type of licensure.

Instagram intimidation case to be heard by Ohio Supreme Court

The Ohio Supreme Court will hear an Instagram intimidation case that has a connection to a gang dispute in Cleveland. The Supreme Court is hearing the case, which is a challenge to the ruling issued by a lower court. The challenge is requesting a new trial for a man who was convicted of robbing and shooting his lifelong friend. The suspect's lawyer was removed from the case when a video showing the man's interrogation by police was edited and found on Instagram.

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