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Administrative law isn't your ordinary court experience

Many professional occupations are subject to the oversight of an administrative agency. When disputes arise between an agency and a professional, some people may mistakenly assume that since the proceedings don't necessarily follow the same lines as criminal and civil cases, then they aren't as important.

Useful facts for budding marijuana entrepreneurs

You may remember a time (not so long ago) when many people would have never dreamed that marijuana could be a product for a legitimate business in the United States. Since then, much has changed throughout the nation. Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are definitely hot topics that often incite contentious debates in private communities as well as public political disputes.

Issues that could threaten your nursing license

As a nurse, you have dedicated your career to helping the sick and injured. Ohio nurses have a particular responsibility to provide quality care, yet there are times when issues arise and you must make on-the-spot decisions regarding patient care. Due to the pressure and immense responsibilities of this job, nurses may make mistakes or do things that go against regulations.

Ohio pawnbrokers face tough changes to licensing rules

Among the many businesses in Ohio that require a license, most people would not consider pawnbrokers. However, as a business owner, you know how carefully the state government regulates your industry. The driving force behind strict licensing requirements for any profession is the protection of the public. It is no different for pawnbrokers.

Straight up facts about your liquor license

Owning your own bar or restaurant has likely been a dream for a long time. Restaurant work is difficult, but if you love the idea of standing behind a bar while your patrons have a good time, it is worth the effort. Maybe you are looking forward to having regulars who plan their weeks around a night out at your bar, know you by name and tell their friends what a fun place you have.

Medical marijuana policies for physicians go into effect soon

Research shows that marijuana can help patients suffering from certain ailments. As a result, many states have passed laws, making the use of marijuana for certain medical conditions allowable. This happened here in Ohio in 2016. The deadline for the state's medical board to finalize the rules for physicians is right around the corner.

When is your nursing license on the line?

You may be many things to many people — a spouse, a parent, a friend. One of the roles you may be most proud of is that of nurse. Caring for people's well-being and health is something that is important to you, and you have worked hard for the privilege of doing so.

Protecting your nursing license from disciplinary complaints

Your choice of nursing as a career likely came from very personal factors and events in your life. Most likely, there are many days when you feel good about the help you can provide and the difference you make in your patients' lives. Nurses are truly on the front line of many life and death battles.

Are you a nurse facing disciplinary action? Don't face it alone.

As an Ohio nurse, you know how important it is to follow guidelines, provide quality care to patients and meet the standards required by the licensing board and your employer. However, accidents can happen and mistakes may be made, but that does not mean that you are unqualified to provide care to the sick or injured.

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