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An overview of practicing medicine without a license

Practicing medicine without a license is a major offense. It is a crime that is punishable by law in Ohio. If you're wondering what it means to practice medicine without a license, we will discuss the topic so you know what to look for and are able to avoid such an issue in your career. Losing your license can be devastating so don't let it happen to you.

Renewing a 5-year educator license in Ohio

If you are a teacher working in the state of Ohio, you should know the steps required to renew a five-year educator license. If you are not currently employed at a school in Ohio, you should also know how to renew such a license in the event that you want to obtain employment in the future. We will take a look at the steps involved in this process.

Requirements for social worker license in Ohio

If you are considering a career as a social worker in Ohio, you will want to perform a little research prior to making the move. As with any other career, it's best to find out about the salary history, the availability of jobs and the requirements of the profession. For example, did you know that social workers need to be licensed? Here are those requirements for Ohio.

How to apply for an educator administrator license in Ohio

Working in education in the state of Ohio is rewarding, challenging and stressful all at once. In order to teach in the public schools of Ohio, you must be properly licensed. If you'd like to earn a promotion to an administrative position, you will need to acquire an administrator license. Here's how you can apply for such a license in the state.

It's amnesty month for parents with late child support payments

Hamilton County mothers and fathers who owe overdue child support run the risk of losing their professional licenses and driver's licenses if they don't get caught up on the money they owe. However, the county is currently offering any parents who have already lost their licenses the opportunity for amnesty if they're willing to pay their back-owed support in full.

Were you accused of practicing your trade without a license?

Federal and state laws provide the United States governments and state governments with the ability to enforce professional licensing standards. This means that certain regulated fields and industries may require that the individuals who work in them have special licensing.

Transferring a professional engineering license in Ohio

Working in a profession that requires a license means that your every move will be under scrutiny. Professional boards review licenses, behavior and other issues that arise in their professions in order to keep license holders responsible. When license holders violate terms of their licensure, or fail to follow the rules of their profession, they could lose that license. Transferring a license is also important when the professional decides to move.

Teachers' professional licensure at stake after alcohol incident

There is a time and place for a boozy brunch - and it probably is not while you are teaching a group of children. Several area teachers have learned that lesson the hard way, and their professional licensure could now be at risk because they were found drinking during a break from a summer camp program. News outlets in Toledo, Ohio, report that the Michigan teachers are accused of leaving a sixth-grade camp to drink alcohol.

Boston man eschews professional licensure, faces charges

You worked hard to earn your professional license. Whether you are a physician, real estate professional, cosmetologist or engineer, you care about maintaining your professional licensure. That is why it is so distressing for our Ohio clients to learn that someone may have been compromising the quality and significance of their license. Unfortunately, some believe that posing as a licensed professional can benefit them - those people should be called to task. For example, a Boston-area man is now facing criminal charges because he posed as a real estate agent and took advantage of his clients.

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