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Maintaining And Protecting A Medical Marijuana License

Getting a license to grow, process, test or dispense medical marijuana is an important step, but it is really only the beginning. Businesses entering into this industry must be aware that the laws are fluid. The requirements for maintaining a medical marijuana license may change, and it is critical that businesses remain in step with these changes to prevent an interruption.

Not only might requirements change, businesses may change as well. They may grow, hire new staff, expand to new locations, institute new processes and more. With every step that a business takes forward, they must use caution to ensure that they do not overstep the bounds of their state’s rigid medical cannabis laws.

Ongoing Licensing And Administrative Law Matters

At The Patton Law Firm, I am committed to helping medical marijuana businesses remain compliant with Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP) and other states’ equivalents. This can involve regular audits to identify any potential areas of concern and address them before they become issues. It may be creating a strategy for the best approach to growth. I can serve as an attorney to address any licensing and administrative law issues specific to the medical marijuana industry, as well as all standard business law matters.

Defense Against Alleged Violations

There are many rules that must be followed. Businesses may face allegations that they failed to follow one or more of these rules. Perhaps the business was accused of using restricted chemicals in a processing operation, failing to adhere to submitted standard operating procedures (SOPs) in a testing lab or failing to recognize and report a new employee’s criminal background at a medical marijuana dispensary. Whatever the allegation, it can pose a serious threat.

I work quickly to defend against this threat. When possible, I will work with the appropriate state agency to resolve the issue. I will fight license revocation at an administrative law hearing. If a license is taken away, I will appeal to have it reinstated.

Let Me Help Your Medical Marijuana Business Keep Its License

I welcome discussions about any licensing or administrative law issue that may arise during the daily operation of a medical cannabis business. Call me at 440-220-6398, or send me an email today. My lawyer office is located in Solon, and I serve businesses in the Cleveland area, throughout Ohio, nationwide and internationally.