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Positioning Medical Marijuana Businesses For Success

Medical marijuana is now legal in Ohio and several other states. However, just because it is legal does not mean that businesses can simply jump in and start growing, processing, testing or selling. The medical marijuana industry is highly regulated by a number of state agencies.

Opening and operating a medical marijuana business not only requires addressing the standard issues that every business has to deal with, from entity formation to contract creation, but also obtaining and maintaining the permission of the appropriate state agencies.

Working With State Administrative And Licensing Agencies

In Ohio, those agencies are the Ohio Department of Commerce, the Pharmacy Board and the Medical Board. Permission comes in the form of licensure. These agencies, and similar agencies in other states, have created complicated regulations that businesses need to meet to get and keep a license. Sometimes it can seem as challenging to prove that the regulations have been met as it is to actually meet the regulations themselves. This is a roadblock that medical cannabis businesses must overcome to provide medical marijuana, medical cannabidiol (CBD) and other valuable treatment option to patients.

I have built my 20-year career as an attorney on helping businesses work with state administrative agencies to obtain, maintain and protect licenses to operate. I have a proven history in the field of administrative law, as evidenced by the fact that I am one of a select few lawyers who are OSBA-certified specialists in administrative law. I also have a reputation within the marijuana industry, not only in a legal capacity, but also as an activist.

I help medical marijuana ventures with all business law matters and matters related to:

In addition to my services for cultivators, processors, testing labs and dispensaries, I can provide services to any business involved in the medical marijuana industry in any capacity.

Discuss The Future Of A Medical Cannabis Business

Call me at 440-220-6398, or send me an email today. I am happy to discuss the nature of your business, the steps you will need to take to move forward and more. My law office is located in Solon, and I serve businesses in the Cleveland area, throughout Ohio, nationwide and internationally.