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Licenses For Medical Marijuana Cultivators

Medical marijuana cultivation operations must obtain a license before they can move forward. This is no simple task, not only because the licensure process is complex, but also because there are a limited number of licenses available, and the competition for them is fierce. Growers must be careful to adhere to the process and stay on the right side of the regulations in order to obtain and maintain a cultivator license.

In Ohio, there was an initial offering of 12 Level I medical marijuana cultivator licenses and 12 Level II licenses. The distinction between the two levels is the number of square feet of cultivation area that can be part of a grower’s operation. Those with Level I licenses can initially operate up to 25,000 square feet. Level II licenses initially afford growers 3,000 square feet.

Other states have their own unique regulations.

Guidance In Obtaining, Maintaining And Protecting A Cultivator License

Prospective licensees and current licensees will have to work with a variety of state regulatory agencies. This can be facilitated by teaming with an attorney who has knowledge of these agencies and their procedures, as well as a working relationship with these agencies.

I have been addressing licensing and administrative law issues for more than 20 years. My practice is currently devoted to helping medical cannabis growers and other medical marijuana businesses get the necessary licenses to produce this powerful treatment option.

  • I can assist your business in preparing an application for a medical marijuana growing license. My goal is to see that you are able to get licensed as soon as possible.
  • I can assist your business in staying in line with medical marijuana laws as they evolve and expand. If your license is threatened due to an alleged violation, I can fight to protect it.
  • If your application has been rejected or taken away due to an alleged violation, I can represent you in the administrative appeals process.

If you would like to speak with an experienced lawyer about any issue related to medical marijuana cultivator licensing, call me at 440-220-6398, or send me an email today. From my law office in Solon, I handle cases in the Cleveland area, throughout Ohio, across the U.S. and internationally.