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My Story

The legalization of medical marijuana in Ohio has had a huge impact on my family.

In 2013, my son was diagnosed with epilepsy and began having grand mal seizures. It was bad. He suffered brain damage and lost the ability to feed himself. None of the typical medications had any effect. Doctors thought my son was going to die.

My wife and I refused to give up hope. We researched and discovered cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabis extract that does not get people high, but rather provides powerful medical benefits. When we treated our son with cannabidiol, we saw those benefits firsthand. The seizures stopped. Our son was able to function again.

As the parent of a medical marijuana patient, the issue of legalization became personal to me. I got involved in the activist community, and joined NORML and patients’ rights groups. I celebrated the legalization of medical marijuana in Ohio in 2016.

Since then, I have been putting my experience as an attorney to work for businesses in the emerging medical marijuana industry, helping them address legal matters and obtain the necessary licenses to ensure that they are able to get this life-changing medication into the hands of those who need it the most. Along the way, I have also helped many businesses involved in the legal recreational marijuana industry as well.

The Experience To Help Marijuana Businesses

Marijuana businesses need a lawyer who is fluent in the language of administrative and regulatory law. That is the focus of my law practice.

In my more than 20 years of practice, I have handled a variety of administrative law matters; worked with clients from across all types of practices, businesses and industries; participated on both sides of administrative law and licensure issues; and built a reputation as one of a select few attorneys who are OSBA-certified specialists in administrative law.

I began my career in the Ohio Attorney General’s Office working in administrative enforcement. I also served on the Major Appeals Group, handling cases in the U.S. Supreme Court, Ohio Supreme Court, and other state and federal appellate courts. Since moving to the private sector, I am now on the other side of regulatory and administrative issues, helping clients obtain, protect and maintain their licenses.

At The Patton Law Firm in Solon, I provide comprehensive representation in administrative law and business law as they relate to the medical and recreational marijuana industries.

To learn more about my background, follow the link below:

Want To Know More About Me And How I Can Help?

I am happy to discuss my experience and how I can use my knowledge of business law and administrative law to make your marijuana venture a success. Call me at 440-220-6398, or send me an email today. My law office is located in Solon, and I serve businesses in the Cleveland area, throughout Ohio, nationwide and internationally.